Types of Security Doors

Security DoorsAny door can have a lock and it can be customized to sport a special or advanced security system. However, all doors will not qualify as security doors. Having one bolt or provision for one lock doesn’t always make a door desirably secured. What we call security doors are a special breed of fixtures that have the basic design of the traditional door but is tweaked to an extent to have some special attributes. Depending on those attributes, there are several types of security doors.

several types doors:

  • The most common types of security doors are the security barrier doors. These are traditional doors with the provision of having only one lock. You wouldn’t have multiple locks or any special security system installed. You can customize but the basic design is only suited for one lock. You can have fireproof security barrier doors.
  • The second most common types of security doors are security fly-screen doors. You may not treat flies or bugs as a grave threat, similar to break-ins or intruders, but these are common in residences and offices. Fly-screen doors have a mesh to keep insects, pests, bugs, and flies out.
  • Then there are security pet doors. Any household that has a pet or more will need security pet doors. These doors typically have a space to allow pets in and out. Space or the opening is just about sufficient for small pets and wouldn’t let a grownup crawl in.
  • You can go for security screen doors. These are not very different from fly-screen doors but the screen door with the mesh is inside the main door instead of being outside as is the case with fly-screens. Having the mesh allows you to keep the main door open and yet be protected from intruders. The mesh allows the homeowner to have a view of the outdoors and people can also look in. This works really well for the elderly and ailing seniors or even kids wherein family or neighbors from outside can keep an eye.
  • Sliding security doors have become very common these days. Made of aluminum and stainless steel, the sliding security doors are effective against intruders, they can be the primary or secondary doors, they can be used as a complementing installation to existing doors and you can also have special security systems or locks for the sliding security doors.

There are special security screens that you can install on existing doors. The security screens are typically made from materials that are not vulnerable to vandalism. There are many types of security doors and your choice should be influenced by your preference, where you live or work and what level of security you must have.